Hampton Roads Electrical Subpanel Circuit Breaker Repairs

When subpanel circuit breakers are needed, call the expert electricians at Castles Electrical for installation or repairs in the Virginia Beach area.

Electrical subpanels, also known as service subpanels or circuit breaker subpanels, are used to provide a communication line between your main panel and branch circuits elsewhere. It is basically a miniature service panel that helps distribute the electricity from your main panel.

Typically, there are three reasons you might want to install a subpanel:

  • Dividing or partitioning the electrical functions within a dwelling (think duplexes, or multiple occupants)
  • Routing wires to remodeled areas of a home or building or to an addition. They can also be a great workaround for older buildings with closed walls, in order to branch out your electrical feed.
  • Adding space for circuit breakers in a separate location.

Regardless of the need for an electrical subpanel circuit breaker, you can count on us at Castles Electrical & Solar for reliable, professional craftsmanship, safety and professional installation or repairs for your subpanel needs.

break panel replacement

If you just need a standard panel (circuit box) check out of electrical panel installation and repair page for more information.

Reach out to our team at Castles Electrical if you notice anything unusual with your electrical panel. Call (757) 355-1643 to schedule repairs or upgrades in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and the Hampton Roads area.