Outdoor Electrical Wiring & Lighting Services

We can create a gorgeous, custom-made outdoor lighting design to boost the curb appeal of your property in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk areas — call us today!

Outdoor lighting serves more than just decorative purposes. You can customize your outdoor lighting system to improve your property’s overall efficiency, functionality, and security.

If you need help creating and installing your outdoor lighting system, reach out to your local electricians at Castles Electrical & Solar. We provide quality lighting service solutions as well as outdoor electrical wiring to homeowners and businesses throughout Hampton Roads, including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. Our team is always focused on offering clean, courteous, respectful and efficient service, and leaving no mess behind.

outdoor patio lighting design

If you also want to customize your indoor lighting system or wiring, explore our indoor lighting solutions or give us a call for a consultation.

Yard and Patio Lighting Systems

Our electricians have the skills and equipment to help you with any component of your home’s outdoor lighting system. Installing gorgeous landscape lighting designs on your commercial property will make it easier to draw in prospective customers.
However, adding multiple light fixtures and fittings to your outdoor space all at once poses several risks, such as short circuits, electrical fires, and electric panel overloads. We can prevent these issues by regulating power consumption with low voltage lighting.

Our experienced and creative electrical technicians will craft a stunning yard lighting design that aligns perfectly with your style and personality. Patio lights can also help you enjoy more time outside after the sunsets at your Virginia Beach area home.

Whatever your outdoor lighting needs may be, our team at Castles Electrical is here for you.

Improving Security Through Motion Sensor Lights

Adding motion sensor lighting to your outdoor space yields several advantages, one of which is reduced energy consumption. Leaving your outdoor lighting system running overnight can cost you thousands of dollars per year, especially if you run a large commercial establishment. To save on utility bills, set your lights to turn themselves off when not in use.

Motion sensor lights also allow individuals to navigate in well-lit spaces without having to flip any buttons or switches. This feature primarily benefits the mobility impaired. Perhaps most importantly, motion sensor lights add another layer of security to your property by illuminating the area and scaring away any would-be trespassers or intruders.

Is your security lighting system not working properly? Schedule an electrical panel repair to address underlying issues that could be overloading your system.

Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Electrical Wiring

Wiring your pool, spa, or hot tub yourself may seem like a way to save money, but the slightest mistake with any wiring can be catastrophic. Avoid damaging your property or getting electrocuted by leaving all your pool, hot tub, and spa wiring jobs to licensed experts like us.

At Castles Electrical, our electricians perform electrical wiring that meets the highest industry standards and National Electrical Code requirements. We handle projects of all sizes, including the installation of:

  • Entire pool and spa wiring systems
  • Above-ground hot tub wiring
  • Underwater pool lighting
  • GFCI outlets for pumps and motors
  • Water heaters wiring
  • Water filtration systems power

Contact us today to discuss your project and get started with bringing your dream spa, hot tub, or pool to life.

Looking for Boat Dock Lighting & Wiring?

Ensure your family and the waterfront are both protected with help from the electrical pros at Castles Electrical & Solar. Reach out today to discuss your boat dock electrical needs.

Learn more about our dock wiring electrical services in Hampton Roads today. Trust the professionals at Castles Electrical.

At Castles Electrical, we create customized lighting designs to illuminate outdoor spaces for both aesthetic and security purposes. Call (757) 355-1643 for commercial or residential installation services in or near Virginia Beach, VA.